Jill Minkin

Managing Partner

Ms. Minkin is a creative, multifaceted and diverse wearer of many hats, with demonstrated success across the financial services, real estate, venture capital and fine art industries.

With a keen eye for creatively connecting dots for the purpose of spotting trends or finding a new way forward, Jill’s experience, coupled with her background in psychology, have allowed her to develop keen instincts around organizational structure, building systems and teams, removing obstacles and scaling growth.

A consummate learner, thinker and doer, Jill is driven by her intellectual curiosity and adding value by bringing big ideas to life. Her favorite question is ‘how does it work?’ and her favorite way to spend her time is figuring out how to improve or rebuild a given system, object or process.

On a personal note, Jill is a global citizen and world traveler, having lived in 3 countries on 3 continents for at least 5 years each before the age of 20. Her interests include photography and design, and exploring New England by boat.